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Nekro challenges you, a once powerful Alchemist, to destroy the King who betrayed you. As you seek vengeance, you turn to the dark powers of the world, transforming yourself into a Necromancer, raiser of the dead. Summoning an undead army, you march towards the King’s castle, letting nothing stand in your way. Playing with the speed and fluidity of an old-school action game, Nekro promises an intense and captivating gameplay experience from start to finish. Use different minions in unison to create a force that’s greater than the sum of its parts. Utilize a unique blood mechanic to harvest the flesh of your enemies as you power your undead war machine.


Nekro was born in a conversation that went a little something like this: "Wouldn't it be awesome if there was a game where you could just walk into an innocent town, raise a bunch of zombies, skeletons, and things that go bump in the night, and watch while they rip townspeople to shreds?" The cumulative result of that fateful conversation is what you see before you now.


  • Create unholy armies using the corpses of your enemy.
  • Upgrade your minions to create the perfect 'monster loadout'.
  • Equip powerful armors that literally change the playstyle of the game.
  • Dozens of abilities, enemies, monsters and powers.
  • A randomized world event system throws exciting twists into each match.
  • 3 unique factions to conquer or enslave.
  • No play through is ever the same.


Nekro Beta Let's Play YouTube

Awards & Recognition

    • "Successfully funded Kickstarter " May 2012

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      About darkForge Games LLC

      darkForge an independent game studio based in Southern California composed of a group of industry vets with many years of experience working in large AAA studios, including Carbine Studios, Sony, Red 5 Studios, and Microsoft. With an emphasis on strong stylized games, realized through tight mechanic-based gameplay and a desire to create games that reflect the creative greatness of 1990s-era titles, darkForge Games strives to create games that feel old-school but have fresh and enticing new perspectives on gameplay.

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      Nekro Credits

      Scott Thunelius
      Lead Designer / Programmer / Art

      Steve Kim

      Niraj Desai

      Cris Garcia

      Joshua Mugridge

      Tony Porter

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