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What is Nekro?

Raise demons and spawn unholy weapons of war as a powerful Necromancer with an insatiable blood lust. Customize your minions to your liking and perfect your ideal “monster loadout.” Tear your enemies limb from limb and harvest their corpses to strengthen your dark magics. Nekro features:


  • Upgradable Nekromancers: Choose between powerful Nekro specializations!
  • Customizable Summons: Customize minions and create the perfect demonic army!
  • Unlockable Skills: Harvest corpses to strengthen your unholy followers!
  • Trinkets: Equip powerful items to truly specialize your Nekro!
  • Levels to Explore and Dominate:Watch as limbs snap, blood permanently stains the battlefield and bodies explode with Nekro’s unique Chaos System!
  • Original Soundtrack: Over 20 blood-pumping music tracks!

Available for Mac, Windows and Linux


Concept Art

About Nekro

Nekro has been in development for 4 years. It was Kickstarted in 2012 where it received high praise for its unique art style and innovative gameplay. The game was submitted to Steam’s Early Access service in 2014. It is set to release in Q2 of 2015.

DarkForge is comprised of 3 core members; a coder, artist and animator. We have deep roots in the gaming industry and have worked on games such as Wildstar, Everquest 2 and Firefall. We are determined to make games that we want to play – games that boast both amazing art as well as gameplay.

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